About “Cancer Survivorship and Support”

Introduction Emerging from the shadows of diagnosis, a survivor stands, scars echoing strength, eyes brimming with a newfound wisdom. Cancer Survivorship and Support rises as a beacon in this transformative space, a symphony of interdisciplinary knowledge echoing hope and empowerment. Here, we celebrate the triumphs of resilience, illuminate the intricate pathways of healing, and empower individuals to craft their own vibrant futures beyond the limitations of disease.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Our mission is to champion transformative research and evidence-based practices that illuminate the landscape of cancer survivorship. We seek to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources to navigate the physical, emotional, and social hurdles they encounter, transforming survivorship from a passive reality to an active journey of rediscovery and well-being. Vision: Our vision is to orchestrate a global chorus of collaboration, uniting researchers, clinicians, support networks, and survivors themselves, weaving a tapestry of compassion and expertise that resounds with resilience for generations to come.

Scope of the Journal

Cancer Survivorship and Support embraces the multifaceted reality of life after cancer, delving into a diverse array of topics, including: • Physical and psychological effects of cancer treatment: Exploring the management of long-term and late-occurring side effects, chronic pain, and fatigue. • Psychosocial interventions and resilience-building strategies: Investigating the efficacy of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and support groups in enhancing emotional well-being and quality of life. • Social and familial aspects of survivorship: Focusing on navigating relationship dynamics, communication strategies, and navigating societal attitudes towards cancer survivors. • Financial and legal considerations: Examining insurance coverage, employment challenges, and financial planning strategies for cancer survivors. • Rehabilitation and physical activity: Highlighting the role of exercise, physical therapy, and lymphedema management in physical recovery and well-being. • Nutrition and dietary interventions: Exploring the impact of personalized dietary choices on energy levels, symptom management, and long-term health outcomes. • Survivorship care plans and long-term monitoring: Examining best practices for personalized care plans, follow-up strategies, and managing the risk of recurrence. • Advancements in survivorship research and emerging technologies: Showcasing cutting-edge research in telomere repair, rehabilitation methods, and psychosocial interventions. • Cultural and global perspectives on survivorship: Acknowledging the diversity of experiences and addressing the disparities in access to healthcare and support services across different populations. • Advocacy and patient engagement: Empowering survivors to become active participants in research, shaping healthcare policies, and advocating for improved survivorship care.

For Authors

Cancer Survivorship and Support provides a platform for researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals to share their groundbreaking findings and best practices with a global audience. We welcome original research articles, reviews, case reports, and commentaries that adhere to the highest scientific standards. Our rigorous peer-review process ensures the quality and relevance of published content. For detailed submission guidelines and information on our online submission portal, please visit our website.

For Readers

Stay ahead of the curve with Cancer Survivorship and Support. Subscribe to our journal and gain access to the latest research advancements, expert insights, and practical applications in the field. Whether you are a cancer survivor, a healthcare professional, a loved one, or simply someone seeking to navigate the complexities of life after cancer, our content is designed to inform, inspire, and empower you.

Contact and Subscription Information

For any inquiries regarding the journal, please contact us at info@peertechz.com For subscription options and pricing information, please visit our website at www.peertechzpublications.us

Related Research Fields for Paper Submission:

To guide authors and readers, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 150 specific research fields related to our journal's scope, covering a wide range of Cancer Survivorship and Support topics. This list, available on our website, serves as a valuable resource for identifying potential areas for submission and staying updated on the latest trends in the field.