About “Cancer Pain, Palliation, and Rehabilitation”

Welcome to "Cancer Pain, Palliation, and Rehabilitation," an elite and pioneering journal dedicated to the nuanced realms of oncology. This publication stands as a vanguard in exploring the intricate aspects of cancer-related pain management, palliative care, and rehabilitation strategies. It is our endeavor to bring forth cutting-edge research and insights that illuminate this vital yet often underrepresented area in cancer care.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Our mission is to elevate the discourse and research surrounding Cancer Pain, Palliation, and Rehabilitation. We commit to advancing this specialty by disseminating knowledge that bridges the gap between traditional cancer treatments and holistic patient care. Vision: "Cancer Pain, Palliation, and Rehabilitation" envisions a world where cancer treatment is synonymous with comprehensive care. We aspire to shape a future where pain management and rehabilitation are integral to cancer care, enhancing the quality of life for patients globally.

Scope of the Journal

Our journal presents a diverse spectrum of topics: Cancer Pain Management: Delving into novel analgesic techniques and pain assessment methodologies. Palliative Care: Exploring compassionate care approaches, symptom management, and end-of-life care. Rehabilitation in Oncology: Showcasing advancements in physical, emotional, and social rehabilitation post-cancer treatment. Interdisciplinary Approaches: Merging insights from oncology, psychology, physiotherapy, and holistic care.

For Authors

Submission Guidelines: We invite manuscripts that challenge conventional paradigms and offer new perspectives in cancer pain and palliation. Criteria: Submissions should be original, scientifically rigorous, and add substantial value to the field. Process: Detailed submission instructions are available on our platform, designed to facilitate a seamless experience for authors.

For Readers

Access to Journal: Our journal is a treasure trove of knowledge, accessible in digital and print formats. Benefits: Subscribers gain unparalleled insights into holistic cancer care, staying at the forefront of the latest developments in pain management, palliative care, and rehabilitation.